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The day in the life of a Realtor and identity theft

I am between my appointments right now and thought gee why don’t I write a quick post on what I am doing today.

I just left the Sheriff station filling out an Identity theft report. That was fun. Someone finally got to my information and tried to get a credit card. While there I asked the Sheriff “how many times a week do you get these?”. She said, “all day long!” Wow! All I can say is be careful where you leave your things and where you charge it and with whom you give it to!

I am about to show property in the Santa Clarita Valley to a new cleint named Leslie. We will be looking in the Saugus area today. Oddly enough the properties are still on the market after 2 days! Things are selling off the shelf in days right now. Sometimes before they are even 24 hours old!

After the appointment with Leslie I will head down into the San Fernando Valley to show property to Kay in Studio City, and Sherman Oaks. I am expecting those to have multiple offers on them and agents showing the home like bees on honey!

If both buyers like the homes then I will be writing offers as soon as I finish.

I should be getting back an answer on the offer for a home I showed and wrote on Easter Sunday between the Ham and the green beans!

Besides this I will find some time to call clients who I am working with and also check on the MLS for them.


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