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Hot real estate market areas in California

Here is a great piece of information that shows how the real estate home buying market has taken off and is red hot in most areas! Take a looksie

Hot market areas in California

See how other areas are doing!


Housing Recovery is for Real

According to this great article by FICO, the housing market is for real according to 71% of the lenders in the market today.

Besides in Real Estate they are seeing positive signs in: 

  • Car loans                               79 percent
  • Credit cards                           75 percent
  • Home equity lines                   81 percent

For more information about this and to read the entire article by FICO, 4/9/13

Click below

The Feds trying to help people from foreclosure…what a concept!

Here is an article from that mentions how federal officials are issuing a few new rules to help people from going into ¬†foreclosure. In my opinion this is a bit on the late side as the real estate market has shifted and is now positive. Would have been nice oh say 3-4 years ago! Guess we can’t be fussy and have to take what we are given.

Click on the link below and read the article – courtesy of

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