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The Feds trying to help people from foreclosure…what a concept!

Here is an article from that mentions how federal officials are issuing a few new rules to help people from going into  foreclosure. In my opinion this is a bit on the late side as the real estate market has shifted and is now positive. Would have been nice oh say 3-4 years ago! Guess we can’t be fussy and have to take what we are given.

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it’s been way to long…

It has been since Oct 8, 2012 since my last post… way to long. I let this go. This blog was a dream of mine to be able to post information of sorts with my own style, my own flair. I am the CEO, The Editor in Chief, and I let it go. 

Well one of my goals this year is to bring my blog back to life.  I really love to write. I was an editor of a college newspaper back in the day and really enjoyed journalism. Sports or news it didn’t matter. I even had my own opinion column. That was before the internet became the warm glow we all love and depend on now.

I will start today and continue moving forward with this blog day by day and watch it grow.

I am a real estate agent so I will post about real estate from time to time but also about things to do or that are going on in Santa Clarita Valley. 

Being a spandex cyclist I get around town a lot. I am averaging about 300-500 miles a month. So I do spend quite a bit of time on my bicycle riding around Santa Clarita!

I do subscribe presently to 153 blogs. So don’t be surprised if I mention or quote a blog from time to time. I find reading blogs more interesting then reading the news. I have blog friends from all over the world! I find most of the news to be negative and depressing these days more so then ever.

Well I guess I will stop tapping on the keyboard for now and go read a few blogs!



Yippie! Housing Recovery!

The housing recovery is well under way. Click on this article to see what Money magazine has to say about the housing market.

Southern California home prices rise in July

Southern California home prices rise in July.

LA Times article

LA Times article

Here is an article from the LA Times that explains the market and why it is heating up.

Since March I have been tracking single family homes in all the areas of Santa Clarita. Every area has gone way down in the amount of listings. My tracking confirms what this article is saying.

Please read the article…,0,1637144.story

Lawn Care Tips : Lawn Care Tips: Growing St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is a very good grass that is susceptible to insects and diseases.
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ZipRealty-Android-App 2.1

ZipRealty’s Android app helps you instantly Search, View and Connect with your local real estate market — at home, or on the go. Download here:
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ZipRealty App for iPhone and iPad – Version 3.0

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Cycle with pro cyclists in Santa Clarita

Cycle with pro cyclists like George Hincapie this weekend!

Great hiking area in Santa Clarita


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