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Buyers paying over asking price…way over asking!

With the lack of inventory out there buyers have little to choose from and thus are paying premium dollars for the house they want to buy. 99.9% of the time they are paying above asking price. They either are paying out-of-pocket for the difference with the appraisal or working something out in the offer with the sellers. Contingencies are being removed as well.

I have a listing that just sold for 25K over list price and I also just had an offer accepted with a buyer on a home and we just got the offer barely accepted with 25K over.

Below is an article that explains this a bit.

 This article is from the Daily Real Estate News…


More Buyers Willing to Make Higher Offers


Home buyers are saying they’re willing to pay more for a residential property due to concerns over low inventory. In the second quarter of 2013, 41 percent of buyers said they’re willing to offer more, up from 34 percent in the first quarter, according to a survey of more than 1,300 home buyers in 22 major markets by the real estate brokerage Redfin. 

The number of buyers who say they’re concerned about rising home prices has more than doubled in the past year, according to the survey. Seventy-nine percent of home buyers say they believe prices will increase in the next 12 months—with 23 percent of that group saying by “a lot.” 

“Home buyers are accepting the reality of a seller’s market and expressing a willingness to pay more,” according to the brokerage’s survey. 


Hot real estate market areas in California

Here is a great piece of information that shows how the real estate home buying market has taken off and is red hot in most areas! Take a looksie

Hot market areas in California

See how other areas are doing!

New listing in the Tesoro area of Santa Clarita

Beautiful Tesoro home in Santa Clarita. 4 bedroom home with over 3400 square feet! Some of the many features are an office and play area downstairs with Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room. In the kitchen we have matching Kitchen Aid appliances, built-in Fridge, Wine Cooler, Trash compactor, Bar Stool area, then a laundry room and a 3 car garage. Out back there is a Viking BBQ Grill with a yard and a fantastic view! All this comes with great schools – Tesoro Elementary, Rio Norte, Valencia High, a Big Community clubhouse with pools, spas and a lake with a trail around it for walking! Shopping nearby, Santa Clarita Paseos and Bicycle Trails nearby, Easy access to Freeway, minutes from downtown Santa Clarita! Private viewings only please. Mello Roos is approx. $2978 per year… included with your mortgage payment…

Contact me today if you have questions or are interested.


California Real Estate Market Snapshot

Real Estate Market Snapshot

Market snapshot from California Assoc. of Realtors

2013 Real Estate housing prediction

This was a October 2012 prediction for this current year of 2013 from the California Association of Realtors Chief Economist, Leslie Appleton Young.

She was right on! Sales and Median home prices have gone up!

Housing Recovery is for Real

According to this great article by FICO, the housing market is for real according to 71% of the lenders in the market today.

Besides in Real Estate they are seeing positive signs in: 

  • Car loans                               79 percent
  • Credit cards                           75 percent
  • Home equity lines                   81 percent

For more information about this and to read the entire article by FICO, 4/9/13

Click below

Santa Clarita Hazardous waste pickup day 4/6/13

Tomorrow in SCV it’s Hazardous Waste pickup day! Yippie! Here is a flyer explaining where and when. If you can’t make tomorrow then there are other dates as well.

The day in the life of a Realtor and identity theft

I am between my appointments right now and thought gee why don’t I write a quick post on what I am doing today.

I just left the Sheriff station filling out an Identity theft report. That was fun. Someone finally got to my information and tried to get a credit card. While there I asked the Sheriff “how many times a week do you get these?”. She said, “all day long!” Wow! All I can say is be careful where you leave your things and where you charge it and with whom you give it to!

I am about to show property in the Santa Clarita Valley to a new cleint named Leslie. We will be looking in the Saugus area today. Oddly enough the properties are still on the market after 2 days! Things are selling off the shelf in days right now. Sometimes before they are even 24 hours old!

After the appointment with Leslie I will head down into the San Fernando Valley to show property to Kay in Studio City, and Sherman Oaks. I am expecting those to have multiple offers on them and agents showing the home like bees on honey!

If both buyers like the homes then I will be writing offers as soon as I finish.

I should be getting back an answer on the offer for a home I showed and wrote on Easter Sunday between the Ham and the green beans!

Besides this I will find some time to call clients who I am working with and also check on the MLS for them.

Housing Market is on fire!

The housing market has been on fire for the last 9 months actually! We have seen houses sold in hours for asking or above asking price. Sometimes for 50K over with all contingencies removed. Why would you do that you ask? Because the prices are going up and you will get equity or appreciation in your new home in months not years right now.

Most areas around the Los Angeles area are going up at least 1-2 % per month.

If you hare interested in buying in an area, contact me today and I will send you the information on how that area is doing right now.

Housing Market is on fire!  – click on the article to the left here and read more…


Yippie! Housing Recovery!

The housing recovery is well under way. Click on this article to see what Money magazine has to say about the housing market.

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