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Housing Market is on fire!

The housing market has been on fire for the last 9 months actually! We have seen houses sold in hours for asking or above asking price. Sometimes for 50K over with all contingencies removed. Why would you do that you ask? Because the prices are going up and you will get equity or appreciation in your new home in months not years right now.

Most areas around the Los Angeles area are going up at least 1-2 % per month.

If you hare interested in buying in an area, contact me today and I will send you the information on how that area is doing right now.

Housing Market is on fire!  – click on the article to the left here and read more…



Star Dance Center in Newhall Rocks!

My daughter signed up for a Parks and Rec class of Musical Theater at the Star Dance Center in Newhall and the play they did was Camp Rock 2. The kids were of all ages and they rehearsed their play at the Star Dance Center located on Lyons Ave for approx. 2 months.

Tonight was the big performance and they were privileged to use  the big stage at Canyon Theatre Guild in Old Town Newhall. What a thrill that was for all the kids!

They all performed so so well!  It was truly enjoyable to watch them!

The Musical Theater instructor was Ms. Merrideth Lesyshyn who did a fabulous job with all these kids!

Click here to go to the Star Dance Center web site

The Canyon Theatre Guild is a wonderful local Theatre for all to enjoy. They have classes and various types of theatre camps. I have had 2 children perform there and know of others who have gone to the summer camp and only good things can be said!

Click here for the CTG web site

The cast of Camp Rock 2

Newhall Farmer’s market every Thursday

The Farmers Market is free and is from 3-7 pm every Thursday in Old Town Newhall.
Shop locally! Come out and support your local  retail stores and locally grown healthy produce, fresh fruits and even baked goods!
Hey just get out for a nice walk in the fresh air in Old Town Newhall!

Old Town Newhall every Thursday night

Old Town Newhall has kicked it up a notch with the Art walk on the first Thursday night of every month with food trucks and the Farmers Market.

The Farmer’s Market is every Thursday night.

Click here to see the video!

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