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about me

I have been a Real estate agent in Santa Clarita since 2000. I am originally from New York/Connecticut. Born in CT and raised in both states. Love my job!
I was a top sales associate at Dilbeck Realtors from 2000-2011. I Starting with my Rookie of the year award and moving right up the Real Estate ladder to the position I had just before I left, which was – Estates Director. I am proud to say that I have forged an excellent reputation in the marketplace based on my skills as a concise negotiator, highly ethical and tenacious.  I have moved my license over to a very large company nationwide called ZipRealty, Inc. They are the number one most viewed real estate company on the internet!

Over 85% of My business is generated by referrals. I do believe that the true definition of a referral is when you tell a person you care for, about someone else that you trust. I know that clients are concerned about three simple things when it comes to choosing a real estate agent: Can I trust you? Are you good at what you do? Do you care about me?


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