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What’s in the closing costs I pay for?

A lot of clients ask me, “what’s in the closing costs that I am pay for?”

Of course that’s a very good question and I would want to know what I pay for also. Wouldn’t you!

The closing costs consist of many things actually.

  • Some lender fees.
  • Title company fees – usually a $ amount per 1000. I will get that
  • document prep fees
  • escrow amounts for taxes
  • insurance
  • recording fees
  • wire transfer fees are examples of closing costs
  • Base escrow fee of $2 per thousand + $200 per side
  • All inclusive closing fee of $375 for buyer and $250 for seller

The escrow company I use for most of my transactions doesn’t currently have the following

  • messenger fees
  • wire fees
  • loan tie in fees

Check with your Title and Escrow companies to find out what you are being charged for.

For more information about who they are and what exactly do they charge please contact me directly.


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