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Will my home appraise?

Of course everyone wants their home to sell at the highest amount you can get in any market. (except for the buyer).

Who decides what your home is actually appraised at?  Well most of the time it is the comparatives in your area, the homes that sold, that will be the most accurate. That is one source but that is not the final or the only decision maker.

Another factor in the decision making and the person who has a heavy hand in the decision making or at least on paper is the appraiser. They do the comparatives also but they do a lot more number crunching and come up with what the bank “should” appraise the house for. But they are not the real final answer, in theory, although everyone thinks they are.

The value of your home is the value of the market. Whatever “the market”, the people, the buyer will pay for your home is what it is valued at.


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